Monday, February 15, 2010

Ramblings of An Ex Valentines Day Sulker!

So today has been beautiful. Love is in the air. And even though I'm not in a relationship I still feel the love on Valentines Day. God's love and grace is all around me. For that I'm grateful.

Normally, I'd be sitting around moping because I'm not in a relationship but not today. Today was beautiful. God gave me rest, peace of mind and plenty of /family/friends who love me unconditionally. For that, I'm grateful.

My son stood in the door as I ran in the dark to get something out of the car. He wanted to protect me and make sure no one tried to harm me. Sweet lil lion mouse. God knows if something or someone would have appeared he'd have gotten on the first thing smoking leaving me to fend for myself. LOL

But it's the thought that counts. It's the mere fact that he loves me enough to try and brave the unknown just to protect his mama.

So how could I sulk on a day like today? No way. I've got so much love around me.

I love God for loving me.
I love my family and my friends.
I love my wonderful son.
I love the peace in my heart.
I love the lessons I've learned in life.
I love having to say "I'm sorry" less and less as I grow in God and in life.
I love the forgiveness in me.
I love the one face I can look at in the mirror at the end of my day when I've done my best.
I love my business and all it's brought me.
I love the newness each day brings.
I love my smile.
I love to hear my friends laugh at my stupid jokes.
I love to hear myself sing.
I love to encourage people to try and live their best life.

I can only pray everyone felt love today and for those who didn't....think again...we all have someone who loves us enough to try and protect us from harm, someone who would never leave us alone, and that someone is God.

Be blessed. Happy Valentines Day!


An Ex Valentines Day Sulker

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