Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Three A.M. (Letter to God)

Three A.M. and I can’t sleep. Wanna drift off but somethin’s botherin me. Can’t quite put my finger on it.But man it’s strange. How just this morning I had peace. But now that’s changed. Wish I could just hear what God is tryin’ to say. Get a message from him and just be on my way.There’s a lesson that He wants to teach.

Tryin’ to grasp at it but it’s so out of reach. Feelin’ the pressure of it day to day.Want to proceed but it stands in my way.

Why won’t you just come thru a little clearer? Clear all of the noise so I can hear ya. Got work to do and I must rise in a few. Need my rest got a job to do and now an assignment from you. Not quite sure where’ I’m ‘sposed to be. But I’m feelin’ like it ain’t here. It’s this what ur telling me? Am I on the wrong path? About to make a mistake? Don’t wanna get lost which road should I take?

C’mon now, it’s three a.m.! I really want to rest! But ur tryin’ to teach me something. Don’t wanna fail this test. Oh, I’m so tired Lord. My mind just won’t ease. You give me peace for only a moment. Feels like a tease of what my life could be like if I could just do, all of the things you want me to.

Feels like ur changing me. But who will I be? When the metamorphosis is over will I recognize me?Come on,
talk to me talk to me I’m wide awake but I’m so tired LORD. How much more can I take? Spinning my wheels here, getting no where fast. Running on empty how long will it last?

It’s three o’clock in the morning, just a few hours and dawns in. This is my hour for you and to go over somethings. The lessons u show me and the knowledge it brings.

"What did u say? Ur gonna me me star? To shine for only u and not money and cars. But I gotta be honest I seen something diff. for myself. My song in my heart showed me something else. Why am I so different? Why is this assignment for me? It’s three o’clock in the morning. God show me. So that I can sleep with the peace of knowing you have my back. Can’t imagine a nights sleep without knowing that I can drown out all of the doubt worry and pain. All my anxieties won’t come upon me again.

Give me some of that Lord, that peace you speak about. Keep talking to me let’s get it all worked out.So that I can rest, then go out with a different agenda.Knowing that this assignments from you, my own I won’t remember.

Don’t like what I’ve become there’s NO peace in that. Don’t wanna continue this run if I’m gonna live like that. You have life for me somewhere in a well that’s never dry. You have an ear for me and a hand to wipe the tears from my eye. So as we conclude our talk for the day. Kiss me on my head make it all go away.

I’ll meet you hear again at the hour that you call. I’ll lay my cares at your side. And walk away from them all.
I’ll rest easy I’m sure, I can almost see. The night is all most over. You have a DAWN for me.

So goodnight

My Lord and Savior

In whom I trust

The lesson for the night is…



Written by RaShaunda Fuller

Copyrights 2007

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