Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Law of Attraction

Many of us aren’t living in a state of satisfaction.
Allow me to explain to you the law of attraction.
You see, we are like magnets.
And the things that cling to us,
Are all of the things that mirror the deepest parts of us.
What you get out of life,
Is a reflection of something deep inside.
It has everything to do with how much of you’ve applied.
Everyone is born with gifts and talents from God.
The people that are most successful in this world aren’t strange nor odd.
They’ve come to an understanding of the power that lies within.
And have joined forces in working with the energy supplied to them.
The energy that ONLY God can give you if you allow him to.
It’s not only for the “chosen” ones,
That same strength is for you too
Look at your surroundings,
Tell me what you see.
Do you often say to yourself,
There’s so much more to me?
How come the world doesn’t know the mention of your name?
Tell me why all the things you desire, you’ve yet to gain.

It’s simply because you haven’t taken heed to the fact,
That what you believe you are is what you will attract.
If you believe you are successful, healthy and will find love
All these things and more will simply fall from above.
But if you surround yourself with pity and sorrow,
Then there’ll be no sun in yours days of tomorrow.
If you surround yourself with those who are pursuing and living their dreams,
Then you too will start to flourish and accomplish all the things,
That you dreamed to become when you were a child,
Back in the day when dreams were many, vivid and wild.
You saw the world as a place that you could paint a picture,
Of exactly who/what you’d become in your future.

So take a look at yourself and all the things that have “clinged” themselves to you.
Reassess your surroundings and get rid of all that you need to.
In order to live a life of full satisfaction,
You have to live by the law of attraction.

By Ra’Shaunda “Stormm” Fuller  Copyrights 2007

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