Saturday, August 29, 2009

Already strong

Maybe just maybe I can chip away
At this mountain that stands before me
Maybe I can chisel one inch at a time
Maybe it's not so hard
Maybe it's all in my mind

Or perhaps I could climb up
And reach it's peak
Looking down at the mass that stands beneath my feet
Maybe just maybe all things are possible for those who love God
Maybe me believing that makes me odd

Or perhaps odd is what I was born to be
Maybe this is the way he shaped me
So I'd refuse to conform to any theory that suggest miracles aren't real
Maybe faith isn't something you see but instead what you feel

Maybe this valley isn't so bad
Perhaps I've not been alone
Maybe he's the company I've had

Perhaps there is JOY in the valley
Because I'm not alone
Maybe this trial will make me strong
Maybe just maybe I'll pass this test
And if I refuse to stop, I'll come out ahead of the rest

Maybe the ocean isn't so deep
Maybe the hills aren't that steep
Maybe birds aren't the only ones with wings
Maybe they aren't the only ones meant to sing

Perhaps if I sing praises through these times
Maybe he's start to transform me spirit, body and mind
Maybe I will FLY

Perhaps this journey not SO bad
Perhaps God will be the best friend I'll ever have

So for now, I'll push, climb and continue to press on
Maybe I am already Strong

Written by RaShaunda Fuller Copyrights 2007

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