Saturday, August 29, 2009

Push! The Birth of a Spiritual Dream.

Sweat beads on my brow

My muscles ache

So much weight around me I feel as if I'll break

I want to push but it's not quite time

I just want it to be over so I can get on with my life

Get back to the way things used to be

But the truth is, after this, I may never see "me" again

Or at least not the "old" me

Cause after this I'll change

Only thing that will be the same is my name

It hurts going thru it

Truly I didn't sign up for this

I'm not talking about childbirth but instead God's creating in me his purpose

I asked God to graduate me

To take me to the next level

Told him I was ready

Wanted to show just how much I've grown

Thought I was strong enough to take it on

But the pain is so instense

It won't leave me alone

Gotta get this dream out from inside of me

Wanna push but it's not time

They tell me to breath and be patient

They don't know I'm feeling as if I'm about to lose my mind

The pressure is on me

It's coming from ALL sides

Here it comes now

My soul is open wide

I'm think I can see it

Just above the horizon

What am I bringing into this world?

Please God NO surprises!

I thought I knew what I was destined to be but it seems

It's nothing I could have ever imagined

Like nothing I ever dreamed

Okay finally, time to push

The dream is being made a reality

I can't believe all this was wrapped up inside of me

Wow it's amazing how my lil body could hold

So much power

I feel so bold!

It's worth all of the pain I had to endure

He gave me all I asked for and so much more!

I bet I'll hardly remember how much I had to go through

Now that the dream is here and his promises remained true

He never gives more than we can bear

Through our toughest challenges he's right there

So don't be afraid of a little pain

Cause after all, heartache is often the beginning of the birthing of your dreams

Written by RaShaunda Fuller Copyrights 2007


Any vision that God gives you may cause you some sort of pain. But whatever you DO, DON'T give up!  It's the most beautiful thing you will ever live through when you allow him to birth what's inside of you!
Keep dreaming! No matter who stops believing for you or with you just don't YOU stop! He's right by your side and he's ALL that you need to make it to the finish line! KEEP DREAMING! After rain comes the sun!Stick around to enjoy it!

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  1. RaShaunda,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I really enjoyed reading this post and totally agree!!!!